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Thank you for wanting to consider my Online Social Media Affiliate Program, my Work-At-Home Telemarketer Opportunity or even outside sales positions. I can really use the help!… Anywhere in the English speaking world!

Right now… In America or the world for that matter… “Coronavirus/Covid-19” is obviously impacting the lives of everyone!… For Good or Bad… There is a T-Shirt selling opportunity here!

So following are the “Coronavirus/Covid-19” related t-shirt designs I have come up with so far. There are a number of ways to make money with these by taking advantage of my “AFFILIATE” program that is “SIMPLE AND EASY” and I will show you how. Scroll below to see my designs. More are coming! Click any for more details and purchasing options:

* Continue reading below these t-shirt designs for more “Affiliate Program” information.

3283 - I Ain't Afraid of No Coronavirus T-Shirt3284 - Home Sweet Home Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt
3285 - Back Off - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt3286 - Biohazard - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt<br data-recalc-dims= " width="380" height="380" class="aligncenter" />
3287 - Have A Nice Day - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt3288 - Skull and Crossbones Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt
3289 - Skull and Flag Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt3290 - Darth Vader Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt
3291 - Trump I Stand With You Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt3292 - You Don't Stink Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt
3293 I Survived Coronavirus T-Shirt -1Smiley Keep Your Distance - Coronavirus Covid-19 T Shirt
3297 - Our World Will Never Be The Same Coronavirus Covid-19 T-ShirtPray For Recovery - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt<br data-recalc-dims= " width="380" height="380" class="aligncenter" />
Global War Against The Invisible Killer - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-ShirtYES – China Virus - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt
When Going Viral Has A New Meaning - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-ShirtMy Cough Is Not Covid-19 Marijuana Leaf - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt
The Great USA Reopening - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-ShirtChina Lied - People Died! - Coronavirus Covid-19 T-Shirt

These T-Shirts Could Go Viral!… and with your special “Affiliate Code”, you get commissions on all of it!… Posting to Facebook groups is only one great way to earn money… In my part of the country, (Baltimore), going B2B, (bar-to-bar) selling these was really hot until all the bars and restaurants were ordered to close.

I have another over 900 t-shirt designs that ALL PAY COMMISSIONS! Maybe you will be interested in some of these also.

The upcoming election makes for a great t-shirt selling opportunity! Here are a few recent designs all paying commissions! More will be coming shortly.

3295 – Hillary You're Fired T-Shirt3296 – The Three Stooges T-Shirt
3298 - Sleepy Joe You're Fired T-ShirtFunny Republican Elephant Humps Democrat Donkey T-Shirt

This is a straight commission 1099 independent contractor position. You are NOT an employee! There is a difference. I only accept USA citizens for now and all earnings (where required) are reported to IRS. Your time involvement is up to you. You will be paid monthly, via Paypal, 20% of all sales derived from when a customer has arrived on this website via your special affiliate link. This affiliate program also remembers returning visitors and you are paid on any of your returning visitor purchases for up to 180 days. Earnings of less than $25.00 per month are held-over until monthly earnings, counting previous month/months reach this amount. You MUST have a PayPal account.

I’m looking for a few good people!

If you have interest in fishing, boating, hunting/rifles and guns and/or military, check out my many fishing/boating/military and other designs. View by category from the left scrollbar.

What you will be doing: You will be helping to drum-up business here on my e-commerce website at CAPTNTOM.COM

How to: I leave it pretty much up to you how you are going to drive shoppers to my website. There are many ways to do this. Some methods work better than others. I am not much on teaching people how to do this and I am not going to load you up with hype about being an internet millionaire. I am hoping to find a few people with more knowledge on successful social media and internet marketing than myself. I do not recommend this program to beginners although there is enough information on the internet that if you are not a social media/internet marketing pro, you can learn how to become one, if you are willing to invest the time and experimentation to learn. Oh by the way, to be an internet millionaire you might need to go somewhere else.

There are no sales territories, the entire USA, the world for that matter is your prospect database.

You are paid commissions on both retail and wholesale purchases, and you are free to search-out and refer retail AND wholesale prospects.

My Pricing; is set to be competitive and often less than the competition. Due to this factor, the paying of more than 20% commission is ruled-out for the time being. I reserve the right to adjust my pricing and commission pay-outs up or down at any time.

People Love their stuff and their loved-ones: I believe and I think you will agree that being able to offer personalized, custom printing of ANYTHING… I MEAN ANYTHING… on a T-Shirt, other garment OR COFFEE MUG IS HUGE!… and this is a segment of the market you will want to at least direct some time and effort into.

FACEBOOK GROUPS CAN BE HUGE!!!… If you are unfamiliar… you need to get studied-up here!… Be sure to read, understand and abide by the Facebook “Terms of Use”.

You are getting-in early! – Although Capt’n Tom’s Artworks has been in business for nearly 30 years, it was mainly inactive for the last 12 years because I had founded a military and veterans charity, The National Remember Our Troops Campaign, where I served as president and devoted ALL of my time until stepping-down in April 2017.

I have just began gearing-up my Capt’n Tom’s Artworks business again and THIS AFFILIATE PROGRAM IS BRAND NEW!


So join up now and you can begin sending referrals to Capt’n Tom’s Artworks using any of the banners below my signature, as well as any other creative marketing strategies that are available to you.

It’s okay to be an internet Affiliate only but… I think a good telemarketer could really tear this up!… I have lists of marinas, bait & tackle shops, charter fishing boats and fishing guides and more. I am especially interested in talking to you if you are NOT afraid of making phone calls!… I could arrange weekly pay and renewal commissions for a good telemarketer!

PLEASE! If you are going to do this, “Affiliate and/or Tele-Sales Rep”, I want to talk to you on the phone first!… If you want to go B2B with these, I want to talk to you on the phone.Call Me At 410-686-2917

Here is some of what will be available to you AFTER you sign up… Many more “Banner Links” are coming:

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Post this to Facebook groups and other social media. Your special affiliate code makes certain you are paid commissions!


REALLY COOL T-SHIRTS HERE!… Visit Capt’n Tom’s Artworks for over 400 fishing, boating, hunting, hot sexy fishing and boating babes, political, anti-political correctness, patriotic, provocative, military, music, funny and other t-shirts. You’ll get some really good laughs!



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