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You’ll find fishing t-shirts, boating t-shirts, hunting, rifle & gun t-shirts, SEXY FISHING, BOATING AND HUNTING BABES T-SHIRTS, political t-shirts, provocative t-shirts, anti-political correctness t-shirts, patriotic t-shirts, MILITARY t-shirts, other man stuff, FUNNY t-shirts and more. I hope you’ll take some time to go through them all. If nothing else I guarantee you will get a few really good laughs!… P.S. If I offend anyone with my Photoshop art, I am sorry. Humor only, is intended.

TO VIEW MY DESIGNS I recommend browsing by CATEGORY! Scroll down a little between the five black stars on the left. (Mobile viewers may need to scroll all the way down)

CAPT’N TOM’S ARTWORKS specializes in designing or reproducing AND printing YOUR CUSTOM POCKET OR POCKET SIZE LOGO. I CAN work with any artwork, photograph or website image!

Most of my wholesale customers are Bait & Tackle Shops, Marinas, Fishing Resorts and Camps, Boat Dealers, Charter Boat Captains, Fishing Guides, Fishing Clubs, Yacht Clubs and private boat owners who like having my designs on the back of their t-shirts and the name of their business, club or boat on the front pocket or pocket area.

Capt'n Tom's Artworks t-shirt logo

IMPORTANT NOTE: While you are browsing my designs, any time you see an option for “Capt’n Tom’s Artworks” pocket/pocket size logo… IT CAN BE YOUR LOGO!… Just tell me during checkout… Its simple and easy.

LET ME DO A TOTALLY CUSTOM DESIGN FOR YOU USING YOUR OWN PHOTOS OR WEB GRAPHICS! The full back image DOES NOT always have to be one of my designs. I can use ANY IMAGE you might want to provide including ANY PHOTO OR WEB GRAPHIC! For example: I can print YOUR COMPANY LOGO FULL BACK AND FRONT POCKET/POCKET AREA… OR… It could be a photo of your boat, one of your customers showing-off a good catch or ANY OTHER PHOTO OR WEB GRAPHIC on the back. You can request this option and upload any image when ordering. Or just point me to your website.

Note: The minimum order required for me to create a FREE CUSTOM DESIGN for you is only 12 t-shirts.

Special Note: If I have already created a “CUSTOM” t-shirt design for you, invited you here and this is your first time ordering… just order as you would with any other t-shirt and specify your custom design prior to checkout. I suggest that your first order should be for one or a just a few so you can see what they actually look like before placing any larger order. Honestly… while as detailed, your actual t-shirts may not appear quite as sharp, vivid or as bright as they appear here on my website. You should still be very happy with them!

*The easiest way to find your CUSTOM DESIGN is to enter your company name in the “Search Products” box on the top-right of this page.

MY CUSTOM T-SHIRT DESIGNS AND “SPECIAL INVITATION OFFERS” are also found HERE (Alphabetical) – If you have already visited your “SPECIAL INVITATION OFFER” page, continue reading down for wholesale ordering details.

Below here you can VIEW a sampling of my “CUSTOM” t-shirts. (This IS NOT the ordering page)
Examples of Capt'n Tom's Custom T-Shirts


Pocket T-Shirts and Pocket Sport/Golf Shirts are popular! Most guys like having a pocket for their smokes, a pen, their sunglasses and some (like me ha ha)… need a place for their reading glasses.

My wholesale customers like having their CUSTOM LOGO on the front pocket/pocket area because when people walk around wearing their t-shirts, it’s like having them walk around with a LARGE BUSINESS CARD PINNED ON THEIR CHEST AND/OR BACK!… In fact, I have many customers who GIVE AWAY T-SHIRTS OR MUGS to their favorite customers or sell them for a break even or just a modest profit because of the ADVERTISING VALUE! I only mention this here because if you are considering a wholesale purchase, this is a point worth considering.

*Many charter boat captains have t-shirts available on their boat.
*Fishing Guides with boats on trailers have them in their truck.
*If you have an e-commerce website, you might want to consider selling these from your website. Feel free to use my website images.


I’ve been designing and printing t-shirts for thirty years. In the old days, to print one t-shirt, a printer would have to go through a tremendous amount of pre-press activity including preparing a separate screen for each color of any design. This is mostly why printers have had to require large minimum orders!… These days however, thanks to recent advances in inkjet printing technology, these pre-press steps are no longer necessary.


The only downside with this printing technique is that each garment requires more individual attention, more time and some additional expense as compared to traditional screenprinting. This makes it difficult to offer greatly discounted wholesale prices.

Capt’n Tom’s Artworks retail prices are less than most of the competition. Wholesale prices are basically a few less per garment when ordering 12 or more including (optional) FREE CUSTOM DESIGNING typically using information and graphics derived from your website. There is an additional discount when ordering 72 pieces or more.

These t-shirts ARE NOT the old style iron-ons. The inks are greatly improved and they stand up very well after many washings! In fact, the more you wash these t-shirts, the softer they get!… CAPT’N TOM’S ARTWORKS uses the latest inkjet technologies AND

You can mix and match your designs any way you like with as little as only ONE each of any Capt’n Tom’s Artworks over 500 designs!

You can also mix and match any combination of t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, golf shirts, sweatshirts hoodies, coffee mugs or whatever as long as you end up with a dozen or more items before you check out!

Printed on America’s most popular “Gildan” white, pre-shrunk, heavyweight 6.1 oz, 100% “Ultra Cotton” label t-shirt.

Purchase at WHOLESALE, with a minimum order of only 12 T-Shirts


Printed Full Front Only, (Can be a Capt’n Tom’s design OR YOUR FULL SIZE CUSTOM DESIGN) – $12.95 each plus shipping

Your Advertising or Capt’n Tom’s Logo on Front Pocket Area (No Pocket) – $14.95 each plus shipping
*ANY Capt’n Tom’s Artworks full back stock design OR YOUR FULL BACK CUSTOM DESIGN!

Your Advertising or Capt’n Tom’s Logo on Front Pocket$16.95 each plus shipping
*ANY Capt’n Tom’s Artworks full back stock design OR YOUR FULL BACK CUSTOM DESIGN!

* XXL – Add $2.00 each (Sorry no XXXL or larger available)

When ordering, order as many as you want as long as you order at least 12.

– Delivered anywhere in the contiguous U.S.A. –

Typical delivery time is about a week to 10 days depending on my workload.

Here is how shipping costs are calculated:
(Usually USPS or UPS ground delivery)

Total Order Amount

$40.00 or less – shipping is $6.95
$40.01 to $100.00 – shipping is $13.60
$100.01 to $200.00 – shipping is $18.85
$200.01 to $300.00 – shipping is $25.00
$300.01 to $400.00 – shipping is $30.00
$400.00 and up – shipping is $35.00

Order safely and securely online using your debit/credit card or PayPal. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you are unhappy for any reason… One way or another, I’ll make it good!

Note: Because of all the variables involved, design numbers, printing options, size and different prices, ordering here online can be a little complicated. I’ve made it as simple as possible. If you ARE NOT ordering a CUSTOM DESIGN, you will need to view my stock designs and WRITE DOWN ON A PIECE OF PAPER… the Design Number and Name of each design you want to order… Then come back to this page… to begin placing your order.

Note Desktop Users: A new window should open to view my designs leaving a tab on the top of your computer to easily return here. If you ever want to take a second look at any product from this or any page, enter the product number or name (top-right) in the “Search products” box and click “Enter”.

*TO VIEW MY DESIGNS browse by CATEGORY! Scroll up a little on the left and look between the five black stars under the American Flag. (Mobile viewers might see this a little differently)



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You can also ask CAPT’N TOM’S ARTWORKS to bid on ANY of your other T-Shirt, Golfshirt, Sweatshirt, Jacket, Liberty Bag, Coffee Mug or Cap needs. I’ve become pretty good at it over the last 30 years. To ask me any questions at all… just call 410-686-2917 or email me at captntom@captntom.com

Honestly I prefer email because it is easier to manage.

Thank you for visiting my website and any possible order!


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