A Little About My Photoshop Art


Above is a picture I found surfing the net. While many people repost images on the internet all the time, because I am altering images as part of my Photoshop art and because of possible legal issues, I hesitate to show you her face above here because I do not have her permission to use this photo and the photo source is unknown. From what I have learned, using someone’s body is okay as long as you do not use the face and as long as there are no identifying tatoos or marks. Whenever I find a photo that has body tatoos or other distinguishing marks I am also careful to remove these prior to publishing.

AFTER – Here is the result after I apply my Photoshop Art:

The face you see here is NOT… the face from the original picture!… On this particular t-shirt design I have chosen to use the face of Courtney Cummz, although I doubt this is her real name. Her image is posted at Wikimedia Commons (… Wikimedia Commons is a website where anyone can find public domain images or images where proper usage permissions may be obtained.

Here is the Wikimedia Commons “Attribution” for the completed Photoshop art above:

IMAGE INFORMATION – Last modified by Tom Ruley October 1, 2017 – Photo credit in part by Alan from Chicago, USA (DSC00803 Courtney Cummz) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. See also:

As with all of the faces I use, I have Wikimedia Commons permission to use and alter any image and I have included any required Wikimedia Commons “Attribution” with each one.

Here is what my design looks like on a t-shirt.

Sexy Woman Bass Fishing T-Shirt


Artistic License: Some of my designs may be offensive to some people. Usually for two reasons. If this is the case please accept my apology. HUMOR ONLY is intended.
(All models are over 18)

Hey Guys:

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