Welcome To Capt’n Tom’s Artworks

This is Capt’n Tom Ruley in Baltimore, MD. You may have just received an email from me… Thanks for clicking!… Here are just a few of my t-shirt and hat designs.

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But wait there’s more…

I have over 400 t-shirt designs. Below is a sampling. You might get some good laughs.

I have fishing t-shirts, boating t-shirts, hunting, rifle & gun t-shirts, SEXY FISHING BABES T-SHIRTS, political t-shirts, provocative t-shirts, anti-political correctness t-shirts, patriotic t-shirts, MILITARY T-SHIRTS, other man stuff, FUNNY T-SHIRTS and more.
*These images are not clickable. You will need to go to other pages for enlargements.
*I’m sorry if anyone gets offended. Humor Only… is intended.

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I have some really great prices… Wholesale and retail… Order individually or wholesale with as little as 12 t-shirts. I also print these on coffee mugs, pocket t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, golf/sport shirts, sweatshirts and zipper hoodies.

Mix and Match any way you like!… One each per design is fine!… With your CUSTOM BUSINESS LOGO! (Any of my designs on the back. Your logo on the front)

For prices, clickable and enlargeable images of these, plus 300 more t-shirt designs… Visit my “HOME” page…