#0008 – 3-D 11″x14″ Framed Art of Two REAL Cannabis / Marijuana / Weed Plants, One Male, One Female, Pressed and Suspended in Epoxy Resin

3-D Framed Art of A REAL Cannabis PlantFrame Option 1: Black Lacquer

Here is a piece of original, handcrafted, framed, signed and dated 3-D wall hanging resin art. What you see here are actually two plants, one male, one female, a mating couple. For those of you who may be unfamiliar, a Cannabis / Marijuana / Weed plant needs two partners, similar to humans, in order to reproduce and continue their family lineage. When the male plant has developed matured pollen sacks, very fine pollen powder is released into the air and spread by the slightest wind. Any small pollen contact with the female flower/bud, and the female flower/bud then begins producing seeds. Most growers do NOT want this to happen because when a female flower/bud is not pollinated it goes on to produce the stigmas, trichomes and resins that produce THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the high or stoned sensation. This is why most growers immediately kill or segregate any male plants found in their crop that identify themselves as such during their early growth stages. But yet, without pollination there is no propagation of the species.

This work of art starts with a sheet of specialty ivory parchment paper which is adhered to the back of a sheet of glass. Epoxy resin, color pigment and glitter is then added above the glass for beauty and artistic eye-pleasing appeal. On this particular piece, gold metalic powder is added for effect and when mixed with orange and yellow pigments gives this piece the colors of a sunset. These two plants are positioned to resemble how they would look if growing together in nature. Ground-up cannabis leaves are springled to the bottom of this piece to create the illusion of a landscape. This artwork also has about a quarter inch of depth giving it 3-D effects. Some discoloration of the leaves naturally occur as part of the pressing and drying process which is necessary before preserving the plants in resin. You will see the male plant to the right and the young female plant on the left. Note: This photographic image does NOT capture or do real justice to the actual 3-D effects and color vividness of the original work of art. Any purchaser will be pleasantly impressed with the 3-D qualities! Hover over and enlarge this image, (hit the “+” sign) to examine closer and see more detail. The actual art size is 11′ X 14″. It comes with a 1.5″ wide and 3/4 inch deep black or clear varnish wooden frame making it 13 3/4″ x 16 7/8″. See photos.

3-D Framed Art of A REAL Cannabis PlantFrame Option 2: Clear Varnish
Wood grain will vary on these


This is a great conversation piece and a nice piece of art. It is great for a man cave or just about anywhere in your home or office. It also makes a great gift.

This is A One-0f-A-Kind Original Work of Art by Capt’n Tom Ruley of Capt’n Tom’s Artworks… Considerable time, effort and material costs go into each design… If my price seems a little high you need to understand that I have nearly six months invested in each of my plants, growing and nurturing them from seed, including daily watering, to use for these designs.

I could sell cannabis plants at a very nice profit for other obvious uses, but I choose to grow my plants for my art.

Order this special art creation for yourself now before it is gone.

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Legal Disclaimer: This art is not intended for personal consumption which would be impossible anyway. This notice is only here to clarify to any law enforcement agency where the use of marijuana may still be illegal.