#014 – 3-D 13″ x 20″ Framed, Screen Printed and Epoxy Resin Art of The Florida Keys and Key West

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3-D Framed Screenprinted and Epoxy Resin Art of The Florida Keys and Key WestFrame Option 1: Clear Varnish
Wood grain will vary on these

This particular “Florida Keys and Key West” piece of screen printed and epoxy resin art is one in a series of original, signed and numbered creations. While each piece has similarities in screen printing including the title text, the compass rose and South Florida, Florida Keys imagery, each piece is also unique in how the epoxy resin is applied to the coated masonite substrate especially in regards to epoxy flow, pigment color and some embellishment of the actual keys to represent roads and populated areas.

Note: These 2 dimension photographic images do NOT capture or do real justice to the actual color vividness and 3-D effects of the original work. The epoxy depth on each piece is about 1/2″ thick. Any purchaser will be pleasantly impressed with the 3-D qualities! Hover over and enlarge any image, (hit the “+” sign) to examine closer and see more detail.

The actual art size is 13″ X 20″. It comes with a 1.5″ wide and 3/4 inch deep clear varnish or black enamel wooden frame making it 16″ x 23″. See photos.

3-D Framed Screenprinted and Epoxy Resin Art of The Florida Keys and Key WestFrame Option 2: Black Enamel

This is a great conversation piece and a nice piece of art. It is great for a man cave or just about anywhere in your home or office. If you love The Keys and Key West, this could be a must-have keepsake. It also makes a great gift.

This One-0f-A-Kind Original Work of Art requires considerable time, effort and material costs to produce. The resin pour is different on each one! It comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”.

The Florida Keys and Key West Certificate of AuthenticityView “Certificate of Authenticity”
Note: This one is blank. Yours will be filled-in.

Absolute Ironclad Guarantee: Since you are purchasing based on the images shown here and not actually looking at the original art… I make the following guarantee: If after receiving your art, if you are unhappy for any reason, notify me by email at captntom@captntom.com or call me at 443-363-3760 within 7 days of receiving your package and I will issue a full refund on your purchase price plus shipping. Before issuing your refund I will need to receive back your package. To do so I will arrange for UPS to pickup your package and return it to me at no cost to you. Immediately after I receive back your package in good condition I will issue your refund. You will not be liable for any damage occurring during shipping. Shipping both ways is insured.

Wholesale?… Consignment?… If you are a Florida Keys or Key West business where people will see my art, you might want to consider purchasing one or more of these at wholesale and sell them for a profit. Wholesale prices vary based on quantity purchased. I usually have a few available and I can replenish any you sell. If I am out-of-stock I can always create more. For certain high traffic Keys businesses such as galleries and other locations I might consider doing a consignment deal with you. If you are interested in wholesale prices or even the possibility of a consignment deal… email telling me about your business, foot traffic and where you would display my art at: captntom@captntom.com

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Variation Examples Here:3-D Framed Screenprinted and Epoxy Resin Art of The Florida Keys and Key West

I’m creating more of these right now. You can check out all that I currently have available, HERE

Here is a Less Expensive Alternative!… The 13″ x 19″ Art Print below is also available. It is NOT resin art. This actual photographic satellite image is one of the better ones I have found and was an inspiration for my resin art. I’ve Photoshopped it to match my resin art closely. The image itself is very sharp and you can actually see streets and such. I print these on my wide format printer on high quality photo paper. They are mounted on hard board and are available with the same clear varnish or black enamel frames. This Art Print includes a small plug for my company and website.

Only $79.00 Plus Shipping

If you like the Florida Keys satellite image above, you might also like this one, (below), of the entire State of Florida and The Keys as viewed from the ISS, The International Space Station:

13"Only $79.00 Plus Shipping

Here is another one of Florida:

13"Only $79.00 Plus Shipping

Here is one of Key West you might enjoy:

13"Only $79.00 Plus Shipping

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Please Note: Working with epoxy resin can be difficult and tedious. These pieces take several days to complete. A few of my productions do have minor flaws. I hope that you will be somewhat tolerant when it comes to quality issues. If your particular artwork ordered has any obvious flaws I will email you and point out anything that might be a distractor before shipping. If you are seriously considering a purchase, I suggest that you examine the enlarged images closely first before ordering. Be sure to click the image to enlarge and then hover over and enlarge again by hitting the “+” sign to examine even closer to see even more detail. You can order below.

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Thank you for visiting and any possible purchase… Capt’n Tom Ruley

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