12 OR MORE Coffee Mugs – Option 6

Option 6: ANY CAPT’N TOM’S ARTWORKS DESIGN/DESIGNS (Handle to right by default) AND CAPT’N TOM’S ARTWORKS LOGO (Handle to left by default) (TWO IMAGES PER MUG)

$12.50 each plus shipping cost below.

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* This is two images per mug.

* You will have the option of reversing handle positions.

* Mix and Match designs any way you like. 12 or more different designs is fine!

* The Capt’n Tom’s Artworks Logo is on all mugs.

* These can be great on the retail shelf and have been popular in bait & tackle shops!

Now tell me what design/designs you want on your mugs below.

Adding multiple images and selecting multiple mug options per any one order is acceptable. You will have the option to increase your quantity ordered per submission next to the “Add To Cart” button below. To order multiple variations and quantities per variation, you will need to submit details per option/variation separately. After your first option submission, select any other option again to provide additional different information and/or uploaded images. Keep your own count of items ordered in your shopping cart OR CLICK your shopping cart above. Proceed to “CHECKOUT” when you are finished with your order. Order ANY AMOUNT of coffee mugs over 12 here. Thank You for doing business with Capt’n Tom’s Artworks!

Hint: While viewing my designs you might want to jot down the Design Number and Description of the designs you like. Doing this might help you when you are ready to place your order.

Note: In addition to giving me the design number below, I ask for a short description (Title) to help avoid mistakes.

Shipping Cost Calculator:

Total Order Amount
$100.01 to $200.00 – shipping is $18.85
$200.01 to $300.00 – shipping is $25.00
$300.01 to $400.00 – shipping is $30.00
$400.00 and up – shipping is $35.00

Questions; email me at captntom@captntom.com

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